White mint zebra Origami Lamp | Stylish Light fixtures


$83.72 $61.32

Category – Stylish Light fixtures
Modal – White mint zebra
New model for origami lamps! White zebra origami lamp on aqua background. A surprise is hidden on the inside – such as a pastel look, adding a colorful twist and added interest.
Up-to-date chic for baby and kids rooms.

Lampshade material is a concrete-printed paper with double-sided lamination.

The lamp comes with a black colored wire and a compatible silicone finish for ceiling and bulb covers.

The shade comes complete and ready for hanging and use.

Use only LED bulbs. 23W

* Light bulb is not included.
L sizes
Electric wire – 1 m.
Lampshade diameter – 34 cm.
Height of lampshade – 26 cm.