About Us

Orit Zilberman, the founder of Tweelingen-Design, left her highly coveted job at the high-tech industry after her twins were born.

As an entrepreneur and designer, Orit fulfilled a real passion for the arts. Tweelingen, which means twins in Dutch, was inspired by her personal story.

Tweelingen-Design is a joyful design brand full of originality.

We design, manufacture, and market origami lamps that are made of paper and complement home decor.

Our lamps fit into every space, bringing chic and contemporary design; in children’s rooms, bedrooms, dining rooms, family areas, and even office spaces.

Our products are handmade in Israel and characterized by uncompromising quality.

Tweelingen-Design’s products are sold in leading boutiques and design stores, illuminating thousands of homes in Israel and around the world.