I’m so happy and proud to introduce our new collection! Okay, I know I’m not unbiased but I really do think this is the best, most interesting and most complete collection we’ve released to date. This collection also includes furniture, in addition to house wares and accessories that besides adding personality and color to a room also have more of a three-dimensional presence and gravitas.

We’ve been working on this collection for months – from the early stages of coming up with ideas and concept, product design, graphic design, choosing manufacturerss, producing a pilot, going back to the sketching table, producing another pilot (and another…) and up to the emotional moments of actually seeing our products feel the house and our vision become a reality.

Home design new collection

Industrial design: Aderet Lexner, Tweelingen Studio
Graphic Design: May Neus, Mayooshka Studio
Photography: Dana Israeli

First are our new coffee tables, which we’re very excited about, and not only because they’re our first pieces of furniture! Due credit to Tweelingen’s own talented industrial designer Aderet Lexner who came up with the idea and was responsible for this product from inception to final production. Aderet, way to go!!

A few weeks ago when I was on vacation at Copenhagen while the tables were at final stages of production, I was amazed to see an emerging trend in ALL the living area displays in ALL the greatest design showrooms: Instead of one big table, they spread a couple coffee tables in different sizes, colors and patterns – a fresh take on the traditional living room. In one store there was one living room display with your run-of-the-mill coffee table, and it seemed so old-fashioned and out of place… They were probably just about to change the display.

coffee tables

The tables are made of high-quality birch, covered in solid-color or printed laminate. We designed two shapes of tables – round and triangle – in different heights, exciting patterns and in great basic solid colors, so that you can mix and match them however you desire for many different spaces and uses around the house – for the dining or living room, as a side table, at a cozy sitting area or as a night stand.

designed coffee table

(These green boots were my only thing I got from expensive Copenhagen)

Our other products to join the family (and complement the tables) are large linoleum rugs (120*180 cm/ 5'11" X 3'11") in four different designs, for nursery rooms, kids’ rooms and sitting/ living areas. We’ve been making linoleum kitchen mats for about six months now and we love them! Besides the fact that they add a great focal point for the kitchen, they’re also incredibly easy and practical to use. They never crease or slip, and cleaning them is a joke – you just mop over them or wipe them with a wet wipe or a damp cloth, so they always look amazing. That’s why we’ve decided we should take our rugs to bigger areas of the house as well. As always, the uber-talented May made my design dreams come true with her extraordinary skills. Thanks, sweetie!

Happy (Country) Living Rug

linoleum kitchen mats

And – Happy (Urban) Living Rug

linoleum kitchen mats - urban

(Springy!) Flower Bouquet Rug, and of course a delicate pink table…

Flower Bouquet Rug

And last but not least, one of my favorites – Flower Bouquet Rug in dramatic, stormy shades of purple-fuchsia-dark blue!

Flower Bouquet Rug

We did not forget about the dinner table (how can anyone?!)… Take a look at those disposable paper placemats that turn any dinner into a dinner party in minutes with the hot pot trivets as company, cushions for comfy seating and even more pattern and personality, and a composition of colorful tin box shelves with fun patterned backgrounds to display your favorite dishes and collection. Dining by Tweelingen is in the house!

 paper placemats

Home designs

I can’t end this post without sending a huge thank you hug to my dear friend Dana Israeli for creating those gorgeous photos which by now are an integral part of any Tweelingen collection.

Let me know what you think about our new products!

See you soon,


First things first, I’ve got to say, wow!! Wow, you guys, what an amazing response we’ve got for our new patch sets I introduced here this week! The team and I were so touched; it was really heartwarming to see how you all shared the love. Thank you so, so much for your enthusiasm! So here are a few updates:

  • The patch sets are now available for purchase on our website
  • There’s a special launch discount when you buy 2 sets (59₪ for one patch set; 99₪ for two)
  • We got an overwhelming response from you about patch sets for boys and we’re happy to accept the challenge! Stay tuned for our manly patch set version…

As always, I love to share my inspiration process with you. This time, it’s a chain of inspiration – the inspiration for the patches was the scrapbooking paper which in turn, was inspired by our paper placemats

Scrapbooking (to those of you who are not familiar with the term) is the art of crafting and designing albums creatively, mostly with paper. When Netanella (the owner of netanella.com, the most well-known scrapbooking and craft shop in Israel) saw our placemats, she asked me to create a line of Happy Living paper for her scrapbooking workshops.

Well, if you know me you know I love a good challenge and this one was close to my heart because I started Tweelingen as a handmade album design studio, and that’s what we did at the studio for two years. By the way, we still create handmade albums at the studio for and a lot of loyal customers still associate us mainly with albums and out of nostalgia, but as time passed and as we grow it became only a part of what we do at Tweelingen.

Here's a glimpse at our albums from the good old days, right at the beginning…

Baby Albums

(Photography: Ilit Azoulay)

And here’s our brand new scrapbooking pack – for crafting, creating, scrapbooking and whatever else you fancy. Each scrapbooking kit holds 36 sheets of heavyweight, quality paper – 3 copies of each of the 12 designs. Patterned background papers, frame papers, borders and elements you can cut out and design however you wish. It’s a paper-lover’s party!!

scrapbooking pack

Graphic design by the wonderful May Neus, Mayooshka Studio

And here’s a closer look at a few of the 12 gorgeous paper designs!!

paper designs

paper designs

Here’s the elements paper – can you see how it inspired our patch sets?! These came out so pretty, I just had to find another use for them, besides scrapbooking.

elements paper

Frames you can use for labels, tags, dedications… and that’s just the beginning.

labels, tags

Our “borders” paper, with our motto, Happy Living.

borders paper

borders paper

I’ve already seen some beautiful projects using our paper kit for scrapbooking, and I can’t wait to see what else you’re going to do with them. You guys are a creative bunch, no doubt.

A paper kit (of 36 quality, heavyweight sheets) sells for 89₪! You can order one right here.

And if the patches were our first fashion product, then I guess this is our first foray into the amazing world of crafting.

The next item of news is actually a new take on an old and beloved product of ours. I’m happy to introduce Tweelingen’s new collection of linoleum rugs!! The collection consists of Happiness, a cross-stitch inspired rug with a fun, laid back vibe and two more floral rugs – one in deep, up-to-date color story of cherry-purple-fuchsia on a background of aqua and dark blue that reminds me of a stormy winter, and the other one in what’s become Tweelingen’s “signature” color combo of turquoise-yellow-fuschia, for a more spring-y vibe. (We still haven’t come up with names for the floral rug designs, do you have any ideas??)

 linoleum rugs

 linoleum rugs

linoleum rugs with rose

These 3 new designs join our Happy Living linoleum rugs, which are now back in stock!

rugs collection

If you’re not familiar with this product, let me tell you that besides being pretty, it’s really practical. Unlike fabric rugs, linoleum rugs don’t wrinkle, move or get dirty. They’re very stable (which means you don’t need a rug pad) and all you need to get them clean is a damp cloth or a mop. No sweating!

You can now get the rugs for a special launch price of ₪249 (instead of ₪269) on the website.

See you soon!!


When it’s too quiet here for a while, you can be sure there’s something major brewing… The last couple of months, we’ve been working non-stop on an entire line of exciting new products. I can’t remember any other time when we worked on so many things at once – new products, new categories, new materials, and new vendors. Massive, meaningful product launches besides fast and fun little treats. It’s going to become really interesting, colorful and fun over here in the next few weeks – and that’s a promise!!

Today I’m excited to launch a new product I really love, I actually can’t believe how it didn’t exist before… It’s super practical, easy to use and pretty. I give you… Tweelingen’s new Iron-On Patches!

We’re launching two patch sets, each including more than 10 patches that can help you upcycle, upgrade and even mend tens of clothing items.

patch happy living

Graphic design: May Neus, Studio Mayooshka

The patches are printed on fabric with self-adhesive backing. You just cut out the patch you want to use, and iron it on. It’s as simple as that. Of course, you can use them to hide small holes or really assertive stains (roll down to see how they saved Naomi’s gorgeous pants makeover).

babushka patches

After we had the patches printed and upgraded a whole lot of clothes in less than ten minutes, we called our resident pair of pretty cousins to model the patches with my own in-house model Naomi. My multi-talented sister, architect Keren Avni (who happens to be the mother of the pretty cousins) also lent her skills to this impromptu fashion photo shoot! (Can you sense the excitement? It’s Tweelingen’s first foray into the fashion world!)

Styling and photography: Keren Avni
Location: The old pine forest, Ramot HaShavim

patches models

These three are such great friends. They know each other ever since they know themselves. A second generation of soul mates, that made us coin the term BCF: Best Cousins Forever!!!

patches catalog

Liya’s cool denim dress became much cooler with a deer patch and an embroidered-look squirrel patch.

flower patch

Anna’s shirt, formerly (as in, two minutes ago) just a boring old pink t-shirt, became a whole lot snazzier with a cross stitch flower patch. And Naomi’s denim vest wasn't neglected either, with a Happy Living dovecot patch and a cross stitch heart patch.

heart patch

In each of the sets, you’ll find a few elliptic patches especially suitable for the elbow and knee area. A lot of clothes are going to get a fresh lease on life with this solution for those trouble areas…

elliptic patches

Here’s a pair of pants I saved with a patch. Somehow, these managed to get torn after only one wear. They lied around in the closet, waiting for me to give them some (very much needed) attention, which of course didn’t happen… Good thing I didn’t give up on them!


There are so many ways to use these patches – I’m sure there are loads of ideas I didn’t think of, and I can’t wait to see your own brilliant ideas and how you upgrade and create clothes, bags, accessories, anything!


Oh, and before I say goodbye, here are some “behind the scenes” photos from our photo shoot, because what’s a good photo shoot without some behind the scenes action? Just look at my two gingers!



You can now purchase the patch sets on the website. One patch set is 59₪, and 2 patch sets at a special launch price of 99₪. Click to buy.
P.S. We got tons of requests for patches for the boys, and you’re right! We accept the challenge and promise the boys won’t be outsiders at the patch party for long! Stay tuned!!

Lifestyle Fair

See you soon,


Remember this post? That’s where I first introduced our paper placemats with inspiration and ideas for the many more things you can create of them, from the creative minds of some of my talented blogging friends. (Haven’t seen it yet? It’s never too late!) Anyway, I still owe you the tutorial for Dana Israeli’s stunningly gorgeous gift bag. If you don't know Dana, she’s probably THE most well known and loved DIY guru in Israel, and the gift bag she made out of Tweelingen’s paper placemats is so beautiful, it can serve as a gift in its own right! So here’s the promised paper bag tutorial, with illustrations by the one and only May Neus (Studio Mayooshka), who’s also illustrated the patterns on the placemats!

Paper Gift Bag

  1. Apply transparent contact paper to two Tweelingen placemats (you don’t have to use contact paper if you prefer to make a one-use gift bag)
  2. Mark folding lines and cut according to the diagram (to mark the fold lines use a xacto knife gently instead of a pen)
  3. Fold the placemats at the lines you’ve marked
  4. Adhere the A1 parts of placemat #1 and placemat #2 to each other, using glue stick or double-sided tape. Repeat this step for A2.
  5. Fold and glue the bottom (bottom)
  6. Attach handles, fill with goodies and surprise a loved one


making paper gift bag

I want to take a moment to thank you for the great photos you’ve sent me for surprising uses and application you found for our placemats. I got dozens of photos of set tablescapes, birthday parties, wrapped gifts, DIY wall decor and even one refurbished tea cart! I can’t begin to tell you how touching and exciting it is to keep meeting our products after they’ve left the studio and see your interpretation on them. Thank you so much and I’d love to see photos of Tweelingen products in your homes, too, so keep sending them my way!

See you soon,


A few weeks ago, my friends from Bubbles (a group of leading lifestyle bloggers in Israel) were discussing some ways to celebrate the holiday of Sukkot on our blogs, and we came up with the idea of each hosting a guest on our blog, since Sukkot is known as the holiday of guests. As soon as this idea came up, I knew who I’m going to ask to be a guest in my virtual Sukkah – Keren Avni, a talented architect and – to those of you who haven’t noticed yet – my beloved sister.

אירוח מעצבים

Two years my junior, Keren is undoubtedly my biggest inspiration by far. She was the one whom led me to fall in love with design and work in the field, but that’s not the only way she’s inspired me; Keren is the model of balance, of a healthy lifestyle, of grace under pressure, and of course of immense talent.

After studying architecture in the Technion, Keren worked in the prestigious firm Efrat Kowalsky Architects, where she led some acclaimed projects like the re-planning of the Ghetto Fighters’ House Museum and representing Israel in the eighth architecture biennale in Venice. Recently, Keren started her own architecture firm and she’s teaching at the Interior Design program at the College of Management Academic Studies and parenting her three little princesses.

architect Kern Avin

One more thing before I get out of the way and let Keren share her guest post, I just want to let you know Keren has an amazing new website where you can get inspired by her gorgeously designed projects – private residences and awe inspiring public buildings alike. Oh, and if you read Hebrew don’t miss Keren’s amazing blog, too. Her posts are always so knowledgeable and thought provoking!

designed projects

And now – finally – I’ll let Keren do her thing:

Something funny happened in the last few years: Orit became the family’s resident Martha Stewart. When we were growing up, everything was always so clear: Orit was the realistic of us (with 6 units in astrophysics) and I was the creative one (not that I didn’t do my own 5 units in Math-Physics-Chemistry but why sweat the small details…) and you know how it is when you’re a kid, once you’ve been tagged, it sticks.

I was always the one who had all those extra-curricular activities: Pottery, painting, sewing, fashion design, patternmaking. Name a creative a class – I took it. The only class I managed to persuade Orit to take with me, I think, was sewing.

Years later, while in the army, Orit took a Mamram (computing and info system) course and that’s it – the way to a career in Hi-tech was clear. Meanwhile, I signed up for Architecture studies at the Technion [which Keren finished on the dean’s list, just saying! -Orit].
And then, a decade and a half later, with a glowing hi-tech career to boast about, Orit joined me and became a creative, a maker. Did I say “joined”? She put us all to shame with her mad skills of sewing, knitting, taking photos, designing – and pretty much anything else you can imagine.

Without waxing sentimental, let me just say it’s been a real joy. It’s a joy to share a vocabulary with my sister. It’s a joy to be able to understand each other at the deepest level possible. I feel like we both won the lottery.

When Orit invited me to both her virtual and real-life Sukkah, I just couldn’t arrive empty-handed (someone has to hold down the age old niceties, you know!) so I decide to make some decorations with my daughters. For a long time now I’ve been seeing tutorials for tissue paper pompoms all over the web. It seemed pretty easy (NOT! okay, just kidding – partially – it’s pretty easy once you get the hang of it, but it requires some patience.)


A few things about crafting with kids:

1.  Don’t start crafting with kids if you’re not a 100% confident about the technique or project you’re planning. Kids smell fear and it just wouldn’t work.

Home decorations

2.  If you have an energetic redhead for a daughter, don’t expect her to quietly sit and fold paper into precise little folds or separate layers of tissue paper with infinite care and patience (she’ll probably come up with her own brilliant craft, though).

3.  Counting on posting perfect photos of the perfect fruit of your kids’ crafting skills? You’d better set aside some time to make to make those perfect-looking pompoms yourself after the kids go to sleep, then, but don’t forget to take a few pics of the messy-but-adorable ones your kids made.

4.  Feeling like you’re about to loose your patience? Great time to invite your older niece and ask her if she’d like to learn how to make some AWESOME decorations


And to add to the family party-vaganza, it was Michael’s fifth birthday on the holiday eve. We were planning on celebrating together under the pompoms the girls I made, but to keep things real, all the young ones celebrated their own way – on the bouncy castle. At least there was some sort of cohesiveness in the color scheme…

birthday decorations

Home decorations

birthday decorations


Thank you Orit for being an amazing host as always, happy birthday, Mikey, and good luck to all of us getting back to routine!

-And from me, too, have a great week!


Remember our “3 designers, 1 perfect room” contest? Well, it’s time for the big reveal!
A short reminder for those of you who missed the action: A few months ago Dana Israeli, Ofra Ron Mazor and I decided to join forces – we threw a contest with the prize of a complete kids’ room makeover from scratch, complete with items from our own collections, bespoke furniture and accessories, and refurbishing existing furniture.

We were psyched to see the amazing response our contest received, and the thousands of participants who were up for the prize. We’ll admit that in the deepest secret place we hoped to get to decorate a girl’s room, or maybe a sister-and-brother room, but lo and behold, we got a joint room of three brothers!! After recovering from the surprise, we hurried on our way to meet and see “the prospects”: we found the sweetest family with 3 little boys and one amazing home owner who opened her door to us and let us a free reign to do as we please with her sons’ room (thanks, Liron! It was such fun working with you and experiencing the happiness and excitement throughout the process!)

So, as for the rules of a proper makeover, here are the “befores”:

The room before

(photography throughout the post: Dana Israeli)

The room before

We exited that first meeting giddy and inspired for an exciting makeover that will turn the room into a beautiful – and also practical and fun – haven for these 3 sweet boys. We agreed on a color story for the room and divided tasks and responsibilities between us and parted each to our own work, completely trusting each other’s capabilities and talents. When we met again at install day, some of the work was new to us, too, which explains how excited we were, seeing the room take shape before our eyes.

And here’s the room “after”:

room design - after

home design

room design

So what do we have here?

children's rooms design

One gorgeous Premium Series play kitchen by Petit Studio. Honestly, it’s a work of art.
Magnetic frames by Tweelingen for the kids’ art.

room design

A refurbished closet by Dana Israeli – and this how she’s done it: Dana installed special-ordered frames on the closet doors, and now the kids (or their parents) can change the patterns inside the frames, just like you’d change any picture in any frame.
Just by the closet, you’ll find a big magnetic board (which was pre-owned) and arranged on top of it the kids’ names in Tweelingen magnetic letters, and Tweelingen magnetic frames with family photos.

magnetic frames

And for the final touch, we swapped the ordinary closet knobs for checkered ceramic knobs.

room design

Bedding by Tweelingen – the pillows are from our throw pillow collection, and the quilt was made especially for the room. I’ll share a simple quilt tutorial soon!
On the bed’s wall we hung cloud chalkboards by Petit Studio. Sleep tight!

cloud chalkboards

This gorgeous round tug was commissioned from Dikla Regev, who knitted it in the colors of the room. As someone who knits, I can especially appreciate the intricate handwork that went into making this rug. In Dikla’s studio you can find ready made rugs and also tricot for knitting your own.

room design for children

A toy cart painted with Dana Israeli’s numbers stencil, and an Ikea lamp filled with life and magic courtesy of Ofra.

coloring book

We added two Ikea dish drainers to the previously owned table for colors – this was Ofra’s brilliant idea!
On the table, a Tweelingen coloring book is waiting to be filled with creativity.

magnetic board

The walls are decorated with a self-assemble scalloped shelf from Dana’s DIY store, a robotic magnetic board by Tweelingen and also our box shelf.

room design

By the end of the day, we couldn’t wait to see Liron’s reaction to the makeover!

room design for children

And she was happy! And excited! And so were we.

3 Designers

And so we marked a big “check” on a huge, successful (and a little over the top) project.

Have a great week! (I’ll be spending it arranging Michael’s 5th birthday)


Two months of summer vacation passed by, and here I am, enjoying the pleasant morning quiet… For me, this summer had two very different parts: July was an extra intensive month with two design fairs, a big sales event, a redecorating project and more, that was all about juggling – day care, grandparents-care, you know how it is… August, on the other hand, was all about our fun family vacation in Germany's Black Forest and in the French Alsace region. But those are worthy of their own (long) post. Today I want to tell you about Tweelingen's newest product – disposable paper placemat pads.


Graphic design: May Neus, Mayooshka Studio

I love telling you about the process behind new products, and this time it was a very different process at that. It started when the production of a big, complicated and significant product we were working on for months came to a halt because of manufacturing issues. We tried to solve the issues this way and that way, switching methods and suppliers, consulting, debating… and then we just decided to let go. I believe we'll still make that product happen one day, but not right now. Perhaps because of the absence that product left (or the frustration of our un-realized plans) we got the idea to make placemats. The placemats are the exact opposite of the canceled product idea in that it took no time to make them happen. The entire process – from idea to graphic design to having the bright and colourful tear-off pads packaged in our studio – it all took less than two weeks. The new placemats are Tweelingen's second product for the kitchen, following our linoleum kitchen mats, and you can definitely expect to see more in that vein.

Anyway, the moment the placemat pads (that turned out gorgeous, if I may say so myself…) arrived from print, we realized this beautiful paper can be used creatively for so many different purposes. So I turned to Bubbles – a group of super talented and wonderful Israeli lifestyle bloggers, where I'm lucky enough to be a member. I asked them if they're up for a challenge and sent each blogger who wanted to join the fun a tear-off placemat pad to use creatively however she fancies. Within days my email inbox burst with amazing photos and ideas. It was a DIYer's treasure trove, no less.

So take a few minutes and enjoy those amazing projects, full of creativity and inspiration. My recommendation? Click through the links to my friends' blogs to find even more inspiration. And scroll down – there are even more exciting news and announcements after the photos. Here we go!

Efrat Lichtenstadt Rizi of the amazing food blog "What Do You Do All Day Long?" worked her regular magic, taking mouth-wetting photos of foods, but this time – she used our new placemats as props.


placemats design

placemats design

placemats design

placemats design

Efrat Yaffe of "Cafe VeYafe" who's famous for her love of books and typography, used our placemats as wrapping paper for her kids' textbooks (how appropriate!).

wrapping paper

wrapping paper

For Ayelet Landau, the blogger behind Lula, the timing worked perfectly and she used the paper to wrap end-of-year presents for Yonatan's kindergarten teachers. I don't know what was inside the present, but with such packaging I'm sure it was amazing…

wrap end-of-year presents

Gift Wrap

I can spot Maya Radzi's (of Mayuk) signature style and impeccable work a mile away, and yet her delicate Origami creations made my jaw drop.



Interior designer (and author of Xnet's beloved blog "Inside") Ronit Kfir's summer was chockfull of family celebrations and parties, as you can see in her latest post. Tweelingen's placemats added colour to her daughter's birthday –

birthday placemats

Those who know me in real life know that I'm guilty of postponing things to the last minute (that's how it is ever since I know myself; maybe this year I can change my habits, and maybe not…) so you probably understand why I appreciate Ofra (my close friend and Studio Petit's designer and owner) so much for being prepared with decorations for Sukkot so much time in advance! Seems like Ofra and her family will have the perfect Sukkah this year, I may hop for a visit!

Paper Decorations

Paper Decorations

Last but not least, my beloved Dana Israeli came up with not one but a few creative DIY tutorials, and as you can expect with Dana – the photos too are perfect and magazine ready (Marie Claire Idees, coming your way). And if you like the paper bag she created from a Tweelingen placemat, keep an eye out because she's going to write a guest post here with a tutorial so you can create your own festive paper bags!!

paper bags

paper bags

Mouse Pad

*A huge thank you to all my dear, talented friends. As always, it's such a treat to collaborate with you. Each and every one of you is one of a kind!

Tweelingen's new placemat pads are available to purchase at our website. Each tear-off pad holds 50 placemats (for the price of 59 shekels). And we have an exclusive launch discount before the holidays: buy 3 placemat pads and get the fourth one for free!


(In other exciting news, you're all invited to a festive holiday sale this Friday at Tweelingen Studio – Dana Israeli and Studio Petit will be there, too!

collage sale

Along with all the pretty gifts and products that will be waiting for you at the sale (for you or your loved ones) we'll also have a Take & Make stand with tons of fun materials and tools to craft your own "Happy New Year" card on a straw designed by Dana (see more photos of this adorableness on her blog). For every card you create, you'll be charged 5 Shekels that will be donated to "Give a Hand", an organization helping children and families fighting cancer.

new year card

You can find all the details on our event page, which we'll continue to update until Friday. RSVP there and feel free to invite your friends!)

See you soon,


After a two-months long silence, here I am with the second post of the day! As I promised earlier today, I’m so happy to introduce our new box shelves! This product was born from a specific need in my children’s room… I looked for box shelves that will store all the kids’ collections, prizes, colors and tchochkes while also displaying them in a beautiful way. Something that will be both useful AND chic. After a short search it was clear what I have in my mind is a Tweelingen product, so… we just decided to make the fantasy come true.

Our new tin box shelves can be hung horizontally or vertically, they come in 5 colors and with 10 different backgrounds you can choose from! The backgrounds, by the way, are magnetic, so you can easily change them! And of course you can display items inside the shelves or on top of them.

Take a look at Naomi’s room with the new addition. Her room is so Tweelingen- isn’t it?

Tin Box Shelves for girls

The sweet bunny lamp is from Shuka.

tin box shelves for girls room

Miniature Loopsy dolls sitting pretty

tin box shelves for dolls

The boys’ rooms got their fare share too, and the soccer cups finally have a home!

tin box shelves for boys

And now that we’re done with the kids, what about a little something for myself?

vintage  tin box shelves

vintage  tin box shelves

Until next time –


Today I'm excited to share the story of re-branding Tweelingen. It's funny, I write "re-branding" but somehow the word doesn't seem to express the significance of the process. I feel like in every brand's life, like that of a baby, there are growth spurts – leaps that really take the brand to the next level – and I feel like this is one of those.


Before I show you the new branding, I'd like to take a minute and tell you a little about the history of Tweelingen…
First, why did I call my brand Tweelingen? Tweelingen means "twins" in Dutch, and since my twins inspired the idea of starting Tweelingen (it all started when I was on maternity leave with them, 8 years ago) it felt like the right name. Why Dutch? To tell you the truth, I searched for the word "twins" in many different languages and this is the one I liked most because of how it sounds.


People who follow this blog and Tweelingen since the beginning know that at first we were known mostly for making handmade baby albums and wedding albums. In fact, for the first 3 years we focused solely on making photo albums, we tweaked our designs and the crafting process until we became pretty famous for our albums in Israel. With computers, iPhones and digital cameras, photo albums aren't as popular as they used to be, but I'm so happy and touched to know that when people do choose to buy a photo album (usually in order to celebrate or commemorate a special event) Tweelingen is a top choice.

Baby Albums

photo: Ilit Azoulay


White Wedding Album 


Here is our first logo, a minimal and naïve design by my sister, architect Keren Avni.



Well, that was the beginning. The next step begun when I seized the minute and hired Dana Israeli as a business consultant (since then she became known as a handmade and crafting guru in Israel). We discussed ideas and options for new products and ways to grow Tweelingen. I had some ideas for different kinds of albums but Dana said "forget albums, think about something new" and that was the best advice and also the turning point which led to our photo frames and magnetic boards.


photo frame

Photo: Dana Israeli 

magnetic  boards


The slogan "baby & wedding albums" didn't fit anymore, so we changed it to "stationary boutique". Tweelingen also got a new logo design.


The second logo design, by Dana Eylon Zeituni, which we still use.


We pretty much stretched "Stationary Boutique" for all it's got – we used this slogan through the launch of many new ideas and products: door signs, decorative letters, drawing frames… We even used it when we started importing and selling Pip Studio products. But then we launched our textile line, throw cushions and tin shelves and it was time to face it – we needed a new slogan.


 throw cushions

Photo: Dana Israeli


I don't know how familiar you are with the processes that go behind the scenes of branding, but it sure isn't easy to find the right words to describe your own brand. You want those words to express what you're all about, to tell the world about the values you believe in, those same values you put into your brand, you want it to be inviting – and it's not simple, not at all… At that point it couldn't be about a specific product (Baby & Wedding Albums), it couldn't even be about a limited group of products (like the "stationary" in Stationary Boutique), it had to be a much wider title, an umbrella under which we could fit all the existing products and activities that define Tweelingen right now and where we would still have space to grow even more. And then one day, two words popped into my head and immediately it was so clearly the right combination, I couldn't believe how I didn't come up with it before! Those words where – Happy Living. Yes, that's what we are, that's what Tweelingen is – Happy Living! All our products, our vibe, our aesthetic – it all fits inside those two words: Happy Living!


Once I found the words, I contacted May Neus, who's such a talented illustrator and graphic designer. I asked May to turn those two words, our new slogan, into illustration. I asked her to create multiple illustrations, and not just the one, because Tweelingen is all about a celebration of colors, patterns, prints and textures – and that richness is at the core of Tweelingen.


May got the essence of Happy Living so perfectly, that I was instantly happy with the first sketches she sent me and approved them within 10 minutes. Thank you, May! I'm in love with the results!


And after this very long introduction, I'm so happy and excited to show you Tweelingen's new branding and look:



And this is just the beginning! Our new products made us realize we need a new branding, and once we had that new branding, it inspired us to create so many new products and grow even more. So stay tuned, because we're going to launch new products under the title Happy Living very, very soon…


Wishing you all Happy Living and a great week!



One question that I get asked a lot is where I get inspiration for new products and how does our production process work, so to celebrate our exciting new collection (perhaps our most exciting to date!) I decided to take you for a trip behind the scenes and show you how a product is born, Tweelingen style.

Every successful process starts with a good idea. At this point, there is no structure or definition, or even schedule. The best ideas usually surprise me in the middle of the night, when everybody else is asleep, when I'm driving long hours or on a vacation. Where does the inspiration come from? I don't want to sound cliché, but I have to say it – inspiration is everywhere. Sometimes, it's the materials that get the inspiration going, sometimes it's a new colour palette, sometimes it can even be the weather – it's really never-ending.

The funny thing is that as soon as an idea has formed – out of the blue, sometimes – it becomes such a permanent presence, as if it's always been there. And now, the only thing that's left is to actually execute it… My first step is introducing the fresh idea to Naama and Aderet (Tweelingen's talented industrial designers) and then I wait (with bated breath!) to hear their input.

And here's how I know what they think: Naama starts talking fast about structure, weight, cutting and more technical issues in a stream that's impossible to interrupt – that's my sign to smile quietly to myself, knowing she loves my idea. Aderet usually thinks, turns the idea over in her mind, tries to see it through different filters, picturing it in her mind's eyes, and only then, after a moment or two, gives us her verdict: "I like it", or sometimes, an understated – "I'm not mad about it". That's when the creative brainstorming begins.

We clear our schedules – no matter what we've had planned – and work the idea until we've formulated a basic, initial model that we can work with. Then, we come up with tasks for each of us, create a schedule and go to work!

Aderet Elphasi

Aderet Elphasi

Naama Peleg

Naama Peleg

And our newest team member, Shlomit Shmueli. Welcome aboard, Shlomit!

Shlomit Shmueli

Each product has its own production chain. The Tweelingen collection includes products made of textile and tin, as well as print and magnet products. If the new product idea fits an existing production chain – that makes it so much easier. If that's not the case, we look for a new manufacturer that can help us in the process. This is where I pat myself on the back and tell you that all Tweelingen products are produced locally in Israel. We pick our suppliers very carefully and only work with those that offer the best quality and whom we also enjoy working with.

Photos I shot last week at two of our manufacturers'. Seeing cheerful Tweelingen products come out of these heavy industry manufacturers always makes me smile.




magnet products

At the same time, we also start the structural planning, which includes creating a pilot, making changes and fixes until we confirm the best structure and simultaneously, we work on the graphic design. I'm not sure how it is in other companies or studios but this is how it works by us: First, we're certain the process is really simple and that we'll have the new collection ready within a few days (yeah, right). A few days later, we're deep in a creative crisis and we think it will go on forever. Thankfully, we already know this stage (intimately) and we know it's only a phase. One strategy that always works for us: Start from the easiest task. When you're stuck in a rut, leave anything you're doing and just do the tasks that are the simplest and easiest to check off your list. After we have one or two models, it's much easier to go on and tackle the more challenging models. And before we know it, the new collection takes shape and – bam! – We're deep in the production process, mere steps away from seeing a finished product!

Seeing the finished product for the first time is such an exciting experience, it's hard to describe in words. The moment you see an abstract thought, an idea, ripen and take shape and turn into an actual product which people buy, use and love (thank you!!!) is an amazing moment of fulfillment. And if you think a finished product marks the end of the process – the opposite is true; in many ways, this is just the beginning… (Our new collection is currently in production and will be ready to launch in just a few short weeks. Meanwhile, you can see a sneak peek of it at the Collage Sale event in Kne Kash next Friday! And there's a 10% off for anyone who mentions they've read about it on the blog).

I hope you're enjoying these rare winter days,