Tweelingen’s New Collection!

I’m so happy and proud to introduce our new collection! Okay, I know I’m not unbiased but I really do think this is the best, most interesting and most complete collection we’ve released to date. This collection also includes furniture, in addition to house wares and accessories that besides adding personality and color to a room also have more of a three-dimensional presence and gravitas.

We’ve been working on this collection for months – from the early stages of coming up with ideas and concept, product design, graphic design, choosing manufacturerss, producing a pilot, going back to the sketching table, producing another pilot (and another…) and up to the emotional moments of actually seeing our products feel the house and our vision become a reality.

Home design new collection

Industrial design: Aderet Lexner, Tweelingen Studio
Graphic Design: May Neus, Mayooshka Studio
Photography: Dana Israeli

First are our new coffee tables, which we’re very excited about, and not only because they’re our first pieces of furniture! Due credit to Tweelingen’s own talented industrial designer Aderet Lexner who came up with the idea and was responsible for this product from inception to final production. Aderet, way to go!!

A few weeks ago when I was on vacation at Copenhagen while the tables were at final stages of production, I was amazed to see an emerging trend in ALL the living area displays in ALL the greatest design showrooms: Instead of one big table, they spread a couple coffee tables in different sizes, colors and patterns – a fresh take on the traditional living room. In one store there was one living room display with your run-of-the-mill coffee table, and it seemed so old-fashioned and out of place… They were probably just about to change the display.

coffee tables

The tables are made of high-quality birch, covered in solid-color or printed laminate. We designed two shapes of tables – round and triangle – in different heights, exciting patterns and in great basic solid colors, so that you can mix and match them however you desire for many different spaces and uses around the house – for the dining or living room, as a side table, at a cozy sitting area or as a night stand.

designed coffee table

(These green boots were my only thing I got from expensive Copenhagen)

Our other products to join the family (and complement the tables) are large linoleum rugs (120*180 cm/ 5'11" X 3'11") in four different designs, for nursery rooms, kids’ rooms and sitting/ living areas. We’ve been making linoleum kitchen mats for about six months now and we love them! Besides the fact that they add a great focal point for the kitchen, they’re also incredibly easy and practical to use. They never crease or slip, and cleaning them is a joke – you just mop over them or wipe them with a wet wipe or a damp cloth, so they always look amazing. That’s why we’ve decided we should take our rugs to bigger areas of the house as well. As always, the uber-talented May made my design dreams come true with her extraordinary skills. Thanks, sweetie!

Happy (Country) Living Rug

linoleum kitchen mats

And – Happy (Urban) Living Rug

linoleum kitchen mats - urban

(Springy!) Flower Bouquet Rug, and of course a delicate pink table…

Flower Bouquet Rug

And last but not least, one of my favorites – Flower Bouquet Rug in dramatic, stormy shades of purple-fuchsia-dark blue!

Flower Bouquet Rug

We did not forget about the dinner table (how can anyone?!)… Take a look at those disposable paper placemats that turn any dinner into a dinner party in minutes with the hot pot trivets as company, cushions for comfy seating and even more pattern and personality, and a composition of colorful tin box shelves with fun patterned backgrounds to display your favorite dishes and collection. Dining by Tweelingen is in the house!

 paper placemats

Home designs

I can’t end this post without sending a huge thank you hug to my dear friend Dana Israeli for creating those gorgeous photos which by now are an integral part of any Tweelingen collection.

Let me know what you think about our new products!

See you soon,


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