New from Tweelingen! Scrapbooking Paper Kit and New Rugs!

First things first, I’ve got to say, wow!! Wow, you guys, what an amazing response we’ve got for our new patch sets I introduced here this week! The team and I were so touched; it was really heartwarming to see how you all shared the love. Thank you so, so much for your enthusiasm! So here are a few updates:

  • The patch sets are now available for purchase on our website
  • There’s a special launch discount when you buy 2 sets (59₪ for one patch set; 99₪ for two)
  • We got an overwhelming response from you about patch sets for boys and we’re happy to accept the challenge! Stay tuned for our manly patch set version…

As always, I love to share my inspiration process with you. This time, it’s a chain of inspiration – the inspiration for the patches was the scrapbooking paper which in turn, was inspired by our paper placemats

Scrapbooking (to those of you who are not familiar with the term) is the art of crafting and designing albums creatively, mostly with paper. When Netanella (the owner of, the most well-known scrapbooking and craft shop in Israel) saw our placemats, she asked me to create a line of Happy Living paper for her scrapbooking workshops.

Well, if you know me you know I love a good challenge and this one was close to my heart because I started Tweelingen as a handmade album design studio, and that’s what we did at the studio for two years. By the way, we still create handmade albums at the studio for and a lot of loyal customers still associate us mainly with albums and out of nostalgia, but as time passed and as we grow it became only a part of what we do at Tweelingen.

Here's a glimpse at our albums from the good old days, right at the beginning…

Baby Albums

(Photography: Ilit Azoulay)

And here’s our brand new scrapbooking pack – for crafting, creating, scrapbooking and whatever else you fancy. Each scrapbooking kit holds 36 sheets of heavyweight, quality paper – 3 copies of each of the 12 designs. Patterned background papers, frame papers, borders and elements you can cut out and design however you wish. It’s a paper-lover’s party!!

scrapbooking pack

Graphic design by the wonderful May Neus, Mayooshka Studio

And here’s a closer look at a few of the 12 gorgeous paper designs!!

paper designs

paper designs

Here’s the elements paper – can you see how it inspired our patch sets?! These came out so pretty, I just had to find another use for them, besides scrapbooking.

elements paper

Frames you can use for labels, tags, dedications… and that’s just the beginning.

labels, tags

Our “borders” paper, with our motto, Happy Living.

borders paper

borders paper

I’ve already seen some beautiful projects using our paper kit for scrapbooking, and I can’t wait to see what else you’re going to do with them. You guys are a creative bunch, no doubt.

A paper kit (of 36 quality, heavyweight sheets) sells for 89₪! You can order one right here.

And if the patches were our first fashion product, then I guess this is our first foray into the amazing world of crafting.

The next item of news is actually a new take on an old and beloved product of ours. I’m happy to introduce Tweelingen’s new collection of linoleum rugs!! The collection consists of Happiness, a cross-stitch inspired rug with a fun, laid back vibe and two more floral rugs – one in deep, up-to-date color story of cherry-purple-fuchsia on a background of aqua and dark blue that reminds me of a stormy winter, and the other one in what’s become Tweelingen’s “signature” color combo of turquoise-yellow-fuschia, for a more spring-y vibe. (We still haven’t come up with names for the floral rug designs, do you have any ideas??)

 linoleum rugs

 linoleum rugs

linoleum rugs with rose

These 3 new designs join our Happy Living linoleum rugs, which are now back in stock!

rugs collection

If you’re not familiar with this product, let me tell you that besides being pretty, it’s really practical. Unlike fabric rugs, linoleum rugs don’t wrinkle, move or get dirty. They’re very stable (which means you don’t need a rug pad) and all you need to get them clean is a damp cloth or a mop. No sweating!

You can now get the rugs for a special launch price of ₪249 (instead of ₪269) on the website.

See you soon!!


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