Paper Gift Bag DIY – Illustrated Tutorial

Remember this post? That’s where I first introduced our paper placemats with inspiration and ideas for the many more things you can create of them, from the creative minds of some of my talented blogging friends. (Haven’t seen it yet? It’s never too late!) Anyway, I still owe you the tutorial for Dana Israeli’s stunningly gorgeous gift bag. If you don’t know Dana, she’s probably THE most well known and loved DIY guru in Israel, and the gift bag she made out of Tweelingen’s paper placemats is so beautiful, it can serve as a gift in its own right! So here’s the promised paper bag tutorial, with illustrations by the one and only May Neus (Studio Mayooshka), who’s also illustrated the patterns on the placemats!

Paper Gift Bag

  1. Apply transparent contact paper to two Tweelingen placemats (you don’t have to use contact paper if you prefer to make a one-use gift bag)
  2. Mark folding lines and cut according to the diagram (to mark the fold lines use a xacto knife gently instead of a pen)
  3. Fold the placemats at the lines you’ve marked
  4. Adhere the A1 parts of placemat #1 and placemat #2 to each other, using glue stick or double-sided tape. Repeat this step for A2.
  5. Fold and glue the bottom (bottom)
  6. Attach handles, fill with goodies and surprise a loved one


making paper gift bag

I want to take a moment to thank you for the great photos you’ve sent me for surprising uses and application you found for our placemats. I got dozens of photos of set tablescapes, birthday parties, wrapped gifts, DIY wall decor and even one refurbished tea cart! I can’t begin to tell you how touching and exciting it is to keep meeting our products after they’ve left the studio and see your interpretation on them. Thank you so much and I’d love to see photos of Tweelingen products in your homes, too, so keep sending them my way!

See you soon,


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